• Diversified Partnership

    ExpertGel being a global brand for personal health care, we sincerely welcome collaboration from excellent online and offline distributors as well as partners outside the industry with similar target customers. We aim for integrated sales channels to create marketing effectiveness that are mutually beneficial for all. Should you have any marketing proposals for partnerships, please leave a message with attached proposals and relevant information. You are welcome to get in touch by dropping us a message.

  • PR Sponsorship

    We build our word of mouth through social media and other communication media for our brand to share a common ground with public interests and to develop a positive image and reputation.

  • Free Trials/Samples

    ExpertGel team is very willing to offer free product trials to bloggers, internet celebrities and specialists so that they can understand and publicize the persistence and consideration that goes into our products. If you would like to have a product trial, please leave a message. If selected, we will send you the products asap for possible future collaboration.

  • Infinite Love

    ExpertGel team is very willing to team up with charities. Please leave a message describing the nature of your group or attach your website and event details. We will be in touch with you shortly.