• Name

    Ultra-thin deodorizing insole

  • Size
  • Material
    Material: polyester fiber, polyurethane, cellulose, polypropylene

【Product Features】

PFSS+ Special material made by nano-level natural trace elements (selenium, zinc, iron, silicon, copper) embedded into the fabric. It contains various functions such as negative ions, far infrared rays, antibacterial, deodorization, and UV resistance. All function above has been proven by FDA, CE, and ISO.


The new     technology from Japan, designed for hot and humid island countries

Ultra-slim│Only 1.2mm with no foreign body feeling

Ultra Dry│Regulates temperature to keep you warm in winter and cool in summer

Super moisture absorption│Quickly directs sweat away from the feet without re-infiltration

Super Breathable│Super microporous technology for fast breathability

Deodorization│Qualified by ISO17299 deodorization test

Anti-bacterial│Patented nano trace elements up to 99.8% anti-bacterial

Anti-slip│Skin tightly in place


【Product structure】


Surface layer:

Antibacterial / Deodorising / Circulation / Anti-slip / Refreshing.

Middle layer:

Exclusive breathable adhesive technology for smooth air circulation and comfort.

Water absorption layer:

Ultra-microporous technology to absorb moisture inside the shoe.

Bottom layer:

excellent adhesion non-slip layer onto shoes



1. The replacement cycle may be varied depending on different users.

2. This is a disposable product. It can be used directly onto the built-in insole, it is suggested to replace it after a month of use.

3. It is also applicable if the size of the built-in insole does not match the size of your shoe.

4. Do not use for purposes other than insoles.

5. If discomfort occurs, please stop using it immediately and consult a doctor.

6. Wash gently in warm water and let dry naturally, but do not wring out or put in the washing machine.