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    Bunion Night Splint

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     Product Features

  1. Uses physical correction method to reduce the discomfort caused by hallux valgus and toe overlap gradually.
  2. Eases the discomfort and oppression of hallux valgus when wearing shoes and moderates the foot problems generated by friction.
  3. Corrects hallux valgus while sleeping.
  4. Due to foot adjustment, slight foot pain is a normal reaction in the beginning around 14 to 20 days.
  5.  Please adjusts the wearing time according to individual situations (slowly extend the wearing time).


  1. People who is suffering from hallux valgus, bunion.
  2. Corrects hallux valgus and toe overlap, prevents the deterioration of hallux valgus, toe overlap and uses at night.
  3. The foot oppression caused by long-term wearing of shoes, and poor posture is likely to cause the hallux valgus, toe overlap and balance vulnerable, etc


     Step1. Put the Bunion Night Splint on the big toe.

     Step2. Put the Velcro strip across on the instep of ABS and hook back.

     Step3. Adjust EVA to the suitable position.

     Step4. Tighten the Velcro strip so that the big toe can correct.

     Cleaning methodPlease use wet tissue to wipe the product surface and reuse after the product is dry.


  1. If having a wound on skin, temporarily stop using the product.
  2. Depends on different skins, if having allergy or poor blood circulation, please discontinue using it and consult with a doctor.
  3. Do not expose to direct sunlight and high temperature environments, and store in the place where children could not take away easily.