• Name

    Gel Heel Cushions

  • Size
    S (35-38/21.5-24 cm), M (39-42/ 24-27 cm), L (43-46/27-29.5 cm)
  • Material
    92%Polyester+8%Spandex+100% BIOGEL

      Product Features

  1. It can memorize the shape of foot.
  2. The design of double grooves forms different density for absorbing shock and relieving pressure.
  3. Soft elastic suede feels comfortable under heels.
  4. Soft gel reduces the pressure of heels and strengthens heel part with elasticity and shock-absorbing.
  5. Alleviates the pain of heels and the pressure, shock due to long standing and walking.
  6. The gel with inorganic antibacterial ingredients can prevent bacterial growth.
  7. The materials are environmental-friendly and can be recycled.

      ApplicableTiredness, ache or pain of heel, long walking or standing

      InstructionsAfter insoles are cleaned and dried, place the Gel Heel Cushions on heel position under the original insoles.

     Cleaning methodUse mild detergent, hand wash in warm water under the 30 degrees Celsius for product surface, avoid rub, reuse after it is dried. If a sharp object runs into the gel, it must be removed to avoid scratching the product.


  1. If having a wound on the skin, temporarily stop using the product.
  2. Depends on different skins, if having allergy or poor blood circulation, please discontinue using and consult with a doctor.
  3. Do not expose to direct sunlight and high temperature environments and store in the place where children could not take away easily.