OGC-02F Gel Heel Cushions
Size:S (35/38=foot length 21.5-24 cm), M (39/42=foot length 24-27 cm), L (43/46=foot length 27-29.5 cm)
Textile Material:92%polyester+8%Spandex
Gel Material:100% BIOGEL+Antibacterial
Applicable:Tiredness, ache or pain of heel, long walking or standing
Gel Features:Soft, fitting-elastic, cushion-protective and skin-moisturizingg

1. It can memorize the shape of foot.
2. The design of double grooves forms different density for absorbing shock and relieving pressure.
3. Soft elastic suede feels comfortable under heels.
4. Soft gel reduces the pressure of heels and strengthens heel part with elasticity and shock-absorbing.
5. Alleviates the pain of heels and the pressure, shock due to long standing and walking.
6. Uses non-toxic adhesive authenticated by SGS which makes cushions unmovable but can be removed easily.
7. The gel with inorganic antibacterial ingredients can prevent bacterial growth.
8. The materials are environmental-friendly and can be recycled.

301 Moved Permanently

301 Moved Permanently