That Fateful Night

It was a typical night. There ususally isn't that much traffic at that time so that's when I choose to drive home. I just didn't realize it, but my car and I had been side swiped by a vehicle driven by a person who had been drinking heavily that night. That person drove right through the intersection and a red traffic signal. That was the last thing I remember. I was unconcious. Admitted in critical condition, I spent several months recovering in hospital. Later on, I was told that when EME pulled me out of the wreckage, they didn’t think I would survive. I owe EME and all of the other agencies who dedicate

themselves to saving lives a great deal of grattitude. Thank you. That event became a turning point and forever changed my life. When I regained mobility, the doctors put me on an itensive and grueling physical rehabilitation program. Their main purpose and focus was on strengthening muscles. Muscles that had been injured because of the accident. Physical therapy was excruciating at first, but in time I managed to overcome the pain.

Remembering the Pain

Some years later, I began noticing little changes in my body. Little changes that became more prevalent as time went by. Travel by air became subsequently laborious. Simple tasks like riding my bike, bending over to pick things up, and taking out the trash became more and more difficult. At times, brushing my teeth became a serious issue. "What's happening to me?" I asked.

The Realization

Ah! I then realized that the trauma I received in that accident, degenerated my bodies ability to recover fully and normally. I had to come to terms with that reality, and the finality of it all was that I understood that I was gonna live with these pains for the rest of my life, and that my condition would only worsen in time. I thought about that time I spent in the hospital recovering and remembered others who had been afflicted. A firefighter who was seriously burned, a little girl who lost a limb from a motor scooter accident. I pictured in my mind about what they must be experiencing at this moment. I had to find answers, solution, and figure out ways that I could alleviate these miserable pains that I and others experience. What to do," I asked myself".

You Deserve Better
You Deserve Expertgel

The Transition

Owning a successful manufacturing business was a big plus. I had all of the resources and more than enough capital to take it to a new level and into a new direction.
The company needed to grow and I felt that it was time to make that transition. I wanted to do something for people. I wanted to feel good about what I do in life.

My best friend

Mr. Mariano and I are what you might call a high speed train on a collision course with a 20 foot thick wall of concrete. We spend more time together than with our wives and children. Any way, that's another story. Fortunately, he had the combination that unlocked the safe that contained the information( biotechnology) I needed.

Research and development

Here's where "BIOGEL" comes in. Biodegradable, malleable, and environmentally friendly. There are endless uses and applications. I'll admit that the technology is new and there's still a tremendous amount of research and development involved, a lot of what is known are carefully guarded secrets. It did take some time, but we successfully incorporated this technology into all of the products that were in their development stages. Through stringent testing and test subject input (actual users), we know that our designs are extremely useful in reducing pain, and in some cases,

eliminating symtoms completely. Today, we develop and utilize this technology, extensively. We are successful because of the mindful considerate dedication of our team of experts. They all have one goal here at EXPERTGEL. We dedicate ourselves to making life enjoyable. We'd like to share our amazing product with you. You'd just have to try them. It's the only way to experience how they help people who experience discomfort.

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